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Steve Larsen is the founding partner of Centricity Systems, with more than 25 years of experience growing start-up and global technology and software companies.

He is considered an expert at customer information management and organizational process, and an accomplished and respected change agent. His vision and leadership have accounted for numerous innovations and improvements in start-ups and global enterprises alike, and have resulted in notable growth, profitability, and value.

Prior to founding Centricity Systems in 2002, Steve spent the last 19 years in various management roles in services, sales, and support, most recently serving as Vice President of Professional Services for TeleGea and Ensim, and as Senior Director of e-Business Commercial Operations and Customer Management at Nortel Networks. He has also held management positions at Bay Networks, Wellfleet Communications, and Wang Laboratories.

Steve is an active member of the Association for Services Management International (AFSMI), and the Customer Relationship Management Association (CRMA).

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